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Mobilize Worldwide

Mobilize Worldwide

Founded in 2010 as a Joint Venture with BKV, Mobilize is at the forefront of the new mobile technology wave connecting brands to the technology and adding relevance, immediacy and continuity to marketing plans with ideas and closed-loop solutions for mobile marketing that are both scalable and measurable.


Mobilize marries direct marketing and consumer insights with interactive principles to help brands get closer to their customers in this new world.


We believe we have created the next generation communications agency with a talented, proven team of professionals.


Mobilize has forged working relationships with telecom software pioneers and mobile manufacturers to ensure that its clients take advantage of the latest technologies early.


The Mobilize team is driven by a mission to bring brands closer to consumers. By understanding them better, by communicating with them more personally and by creating a dialogue not a monologue.







Prior to forming Mobilize Gentemann acted as Director of Strategic Planning for WPP agencies for key AOR brands that wished to harness the power of interactive and non-traditional media. Brand assignments included Coca-Cola, Activision, Nestle, Dunkin Donuts, Mattel and American Greeting.


Created Activate Japan in 2004.


Activate is a consulting company that specializes in interactive and experiential marketing.  Key clients included Exxon Mobil, Paramount , UNESCO, MasterCard, Nokia, Mori, Pfizer, McDonalds, Philip Morris, DeBeers, Phillips, and Pirelli. 


Gentemann has consulting agreements with Apple, the Japan Ministry of Trade as well as the Governor of Chiba, Japan, Shibuya City Government and the Prime Minister’s Office.


Omnicom’s 10 DAS Group companies (Diversified Advertising Services) and WPP Group of companies in Japan have partnered with Gentemann and Activate to help clients go beyond traditional advertising solutions.


As an Executive Committee member for UNESCO he organized the Global Summit for Ecology in Tokyo in November, 2008 with Al Gore as the keynote speaker.


He produced the closing ceremony and charity concert for Unesco’s 2008 African Summit in Yokohama. The concert combined African and Japanese artists. The live music from the concert was featured on Japan iTunes. The proceeds of the sale of the music was donated by Apple to Unesco.


His fashion and retail experience includes work for Parco, Levi’s, G Star and DeBeers. For the first time anywhere he brought live video blogging and video coverage of Tokyo’s Fashion Week to mobile phones.


He produced Vivienne Westwood’s exhibition and fashion show celebrating her life in fashion and 35th anniversary in the industry.


He created a brand review and competitive landscape for G Star before their launch in Japan, and revitalized the Peltier retail expression for its launch in Azabu Juban.


For Quicksilver’s new Tokyo retail shop his team created the first video game that could be played on large outdoor LED screens from mobile handsets without using web access.


He launched Goal.com a global soccer news site in 20 countries in prior to the Japan Korea World Cup.


1996 to 2004


Gentemann was Chief Executive Managing Director of I&S BBDO in Japan. I&S BBDO had billings of US$1.2 billion and a staff of 950.


He was the sole Omnicom/BBDO representative on the ground for the very first true joint venture between a foreign owned agency and a top ten Japanese agency.


Gentemann was the first foreign Managing Director and member of the Board of a top ten Japanese agency.


His Japanese International clients included Mars, Mercedes, Pharmacia, L’Oreal and VISA. His key domestic clients included Toyota, Shiseido, Kao and Taisho Pharmaceuticals.


He won the Grand Prix awards for print and for radio in the Japan advertising awards. Although he was a foreign creative director in Japan he was voted “Creator of the Year” in 2001. His TV work for VISA International was recognized globally.


He established the most comprehensive training program among all agencies in Japan, BBDO University Japan.


He built arguably the best strategic planning team in Japan as cited by three of Japan’s top ten marketers. KAO, Shiseido and Taisho Pharmaceuticals.


Adweek magazine reported that what Gerald Gentemann accomplished at a traditional Japanese advertising agency was, “nothing short of a miracle.”


Before joining BBDO in 1996 Gentemann worked in over 35 countries as Senior VP for McCann-Erickson on Coca-Cola, Nestle, L’OREAL, Gillette and dozens of its global clients