Amber Saunders

Enrichment Prep
Founder & President
Amber is the founder of Enrichment Prep, a standardized test preparation company that provides measureable and affordable test preparation services to low income students in the Atlanta area. In 2010, Amber was the recipient of the 100 Urban Entrepreneurs start-up grant, which included $10,000 in start-up funding for Enrichment Prep and 8 weeks of intensive business mentoring and training by the nation's thought leaders and entrepreneurs. As a result of her passion for entrepreneurship, Amber became the Atlanta representative for 100 Urban Entrepreneurs and is assisting with the recruitment of other urban entrepreneurs in need of development and funding. In 2011, Amber was awarded the honor of a Fellowship with the America's Leaders of Change Program, sponsored by Walmart, National Urban Fellows, and the University of Arkansas. Amber is the lead producer of FailCon Atlanta, a non-traditional conference that highlights case studies on failure at various levels of the entrepreneurial journey so that as a community we can collectively learn from our mistakes and create better and smarter companies.

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, October 11